David Hoffman Photo Library

On this page you'll see a few pictures taken from the thousands of photographs documenting UK social issues over the last five decades that are archived here. The 'Galleries' link on the left will take you to some small sets on specific subjects. For information about my work as a whole click the 'Bio' link.

If you have specific subjects or topics in mind then use the 'search' tab. The system will find similar forms of a word ('runs' also finds 'run', 'ran', 'running' etc) and you can use OR and NOT (in capitals) to widen or narrow your search. Multiple words will find images with all those words and quotes will find an exact phrase.

There are lots of photos here and my keywording can be a bit flaky. There are many more pictures that I've not yet archived. If your search isn't finding what you're looking for then email or phone.

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